Vogue x Dean drop their new single on Ching Zeng

  1. Vogue x Dean drop their new single on Ching Zeng

    Give Me Ur Lovin‘ is a collaboration of German club DJ and Oxyton label head Vogue and his partner in crime Dean,

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  2. Now available as free download: ohj – spite

    Chicago´s own „ohj“ delivered a heavy trap tune. „spite“ is now available via Ching Zeng as free download for a limited time only.

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  3. Out Now Via Ching Zeng: DJ Mos – Clap Your Handz (The Remixes)

    @mixmastamos presents the „Clap Your Handz“ remix pack,

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  4. Out Now Via Ching Zeng; RVWR – Cupcake EP

    The 30th release on Ching Zeng is a hybrid somewhere between Afrobeat, Grime and Trap. South African artist RVWR keeps one eye on the present and pre-empts the future.

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  5. DJ Rafik @ Crux Summer Jam

    Das vierte Jahr in Folge setzt das Crux Team mitten im August einen gewaltigen Turn Up ins sonst so langweilige Sommerloch! Den Crux Summer Jam!

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  6. Out Now via Ching Zeng: ZIPZAP – PUMPED (EP)

    ZIPZAP has dropped a serious number of quality trap tunes during the last couple of month which have been supported by a whole bunch of international top notch DJ´s.

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  7. Complex UK Premiere: Ben Esser – Love You More (Rafik Remix)

    Ben Esser’s „Love You More“ set the tone for the summer a few years ago, so it’s understandably been given an update just in time for summer 2016.
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  8. OUT NOW: A Ching Zeng Compilation Called Yumi

    12 brilliant selections out of an exiting pool of producers will give you an accurate impression of the young label’s future and vision.

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  9. Rafik – Autobahn Radio Episode 12- Chinese New Year Edition

    Episode 12, recorded at XXX Hong Kong, marks the one year anniversary of the show.

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  10. Download Fede´s „Stop Me“ for free!

    „Dreamer“ marks the first official release of FEDE, another talented artist to emerge from the Ching Zeng home base. Read more →

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