Ching Zeg Taped #53 – DJ B-Kay

  1. Ching Zeg Taped #53 – DJ B-Kay

    B-KAY is well known as one of the best, yet underestimated Hip-Hop x Bass DJ’s in Belgium.

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  2. Vogue x Dean drop their new single on Ching Zeng

    Give Me Ur Lovin‘ is a collaboration of German club DJ and Oxyton label head Vogue and his partner in crime Dean,

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  3. Ching Zeng Taped #39 mixed by DJ Say Whaat

    DJ Say Whaat is a Cologne-Germany based DJ, remixer and producer.

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  4. Out Now Via Ching Zeng: DJ Cable – Azzzophat

    3 x UK DJ Champion DJ Cable with his new single “Azzzophat” on Ching Zeng. The track is a heavy mix of Trap and Grime with breaks and chopped vocals.

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  5. Out Now Via Ching Zeng; RVWR – Cupcake EP

    The 30th release on Ching Zeng is a hybrid somewhere between Afrobeat, Grime and Trap. South African artist RVWR keeps one eye on the present and pre-empts the future.

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  6. Ching Zeng´s Taped Podcast is #1 on iTunes

    Ching Zeng´s #Taped has reached the No.1 spot on iTunes in the category „Music“ today. Read more →


    Ching Zeng proudly presents #Vibes: a mini-compilation featuring brand new tunes from CZ friends and family. Fresh Bass Music by young talents such as Tapekid, ZipZap, Lorthern x Mvnchz as well as a special collabo between Infinit Mob members Fede, Toto and Taimles.

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  8. DJ Mos – Clap Your Handz cracks Top 10 on iTunes

    „Clap Your Handz“ has received extreme positive feedback by DJ´s such as Four Color Zack, Benzi (Twrk), Rafik, Baby Bang and many more. Read more →

  9. Out Now Via Ching Zeng: DJ MOS – Clap Your Handz

    DJ Mos (@mixmastamos) – those who have been paying attention may already recognize the name

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  10. Eskei83 – Get Down (The Remixes) now available via Ching Zeng

    @ESKEI83 maintains his momentum. Following up on the acclaimed release of his single GET DOWN Read more →

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