OUT NOW: A Ching Zeng Compilation Called Yumi

  1. OUT NOW: A Ching Zeng Compilation Called Yumi

    12 brilliant selections out of an exiting pool of producers will give you an accurate impression of the young label’s future and vision.

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  2. New Video: Wax Wreckaz feat. Dynamite Mc & Singer Blue – Heavyweight Sound

    Check out the incredibly dope video made for Wax Wreckaz´s latest tune.

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  3. Out Now: DJ Katch x Freedo – Saturday (incl. Remix by Rafik)

    What could be better than a hit-record producer? That’s right, two of ‚em.

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  4. DJ Katch ft. Donnis – Never Drink Again

    DJ Katch dropped another collabo with Fools Gold Records own Donnis via Goldmine. Read more →

  5. Ching Zeng Label Night in Düsseldorf

    6 dj´s + very special guest in a very intimate and cosy venue? Yes, Ching Zeng´s Big Fat Pussycat will go down on upcoming Friday at Schicki Micki in Düsseldorf. Read more →

  6. DJ Katch News May 2015

    Get the latest news about DJ Katch after the jump. Read more →

  7. DJ Rockid – „OTIS“ now available via Ching Zeng

    Whatever happened to… Yes it’s true, DJ Rockid hasn’t released music for a while. Read more →

  8. TBT: Eazy-E Tribute Mini Mix by Crack-T

    It was 20 years ago today that Eazy-E cruised to that great safehouse in the sky. Read more →

  9. Rafik pres. Autobahn Episode 7 ft. Bobby Tank

    Don´t sleep on the latest episode of Rafik´s Autobahn Radio featuring UK´s own Bobby Tank. Read more →

  10. DJ Katch back in Asia

    DJ Katch is on a short trip for the upcoming weekend paying a visit to clubbers in Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City. Read more →

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