Ching Zeng´s Taped Podcast is #1 on iTunes

  1. Ching Zeng´s Taped Podcast is #1 on iTunes

    Ching Zeng´s #Taped has reached the No.1 spot on iTunes in the category „Music“ today. Read more →

  2. DJ Katch – The Horns hits No.1 spot in German DJ Charts

    Frankfurts finest DJ Katch rules the German DJ Top 100.

    Read more →

  3. Producer duo Freedo & Shuko landed #1 hit in Germany and Switzerland.

    Our friends and heads behind both Champion Sound and the incredible remix of DJ Katch´s  I Do This landed their first number one single in the official top 100 in Germany and Switzerland with the production of Cro´s latest single Traum. Read more →

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